Industrial Weight Scales & Filling Systems

Silo and Tank Weighing Load Cells

KIW have vast experience with Silo and tank weighing applications. We have executed weighing systems on 100+ vessels over the past 4-5 years. Tanks and silos up to 600 tonne capacity have been done however we have the ability to accurately weigh even larger vessels. (Up to 300 tonnes per support point).

  • Existing vessels are not a problem, we can cost effectively retrofit our weighing technology.
  • High accuracy applications for metering into our out of tanks.
  • Level monitoring applications for reordering purpose, stock control, production planning and consumption/loss analysis.
  • Remote telemetry,
  • Wireless transmission of weight information,
  • Software for remote visualisation.
  • Slave displays
Gravimetric & Volumetric Filling Gravimetric & Volumetric Filling

KIW has supplied machines for filling by weight / volume of various products.

  • Liquids products such as: Lubricants, Gear oils, Aviation Fuel, Kerosene, hardener (paint industry), Adhesives (500,000+cp viscosity) etc.
  • Powder / granulated products such as: Sulphur, Zinc, CBS, Propellant (explosive).

We have relationships with German and Dutch filling machine, nozzle and valve manufacturers.

Quality, tried and true machine designs for various products.

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Batching & Blending Filling Machines

We have solutions for manual batching all the way to fully automated production. Our design enables you to have:

  • Unlimited recipes and components.
  • Multi faceted reporting options.
  • Continuous, Loss & gain in weight.
  • Dynamic mixing and blending of multiple components.
  • Multi tier/level batching control.
  • Ultra high accuracy equipment for precision of measurement.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Powders Blending/Filling
Liquids Batching/Blending
Gas Industry Solutions Filling Machines

Hazardous areas solutions: Aus Ex, IEC ex and ATEX (with Conformity Assessment Declaration) are not a problem. We have a complete range of intrinsically safe and ExD equipment for these types of environments.

We currently are the only manufacturer in Australia of Automated Acetone addition machines into acetylene cylinders and the market leaders in the manufacture of the LPG cylinder filling machines

We have built CO2 filling machines.

We can help with the filling and blending of specialty gases directly into their cylinders.

For further information please see the following application notes:

Hazardous Area Solutions Filling Machines

Hazardous areas are not a problem. We have a complete range of equipment for these types of environments.

  • Solutions with Aus Ex, IEC Ex and ATEX (with Conformity Assessment Declaration) approvals are available.
  • Intrinsically safe, EXD etc Solutions with the appropriate protection for your application.
Hazardous Area Solutions
Check Weighers Filling Machines
  • High speed up to 600 pieces per minute.
  • Food grade HACCP, FDA approved.
  • No sampling, 100% of items checked.
  • Applications done include: Wine corks, sugar and flour packets, hair dye packages, Box tissues etc.

See check weighing section in the products page for more specific information

Metal Detectors Filling Machines
  • Huge range and versatility.
  • All products; wet or dry.
  • Dual channel, multi frequency & Fuzzy logic technology for increased detection sensitivity.
  • Metal detection of packaged goods, Food industry, pharmaceutical, bulk loose products.
  • We have done metal detection in: Meat products, biscuits, crisps, hair dye, tissue products, many others.

See metal detection section in products page for more specific information.

Custom Engineered Solutions Filling Machines

Talk to us about your specific application.

We have executed unique, reliable solutions in the following industries:

Paints, gas, Defence, Carpet/underlay manufacture, warehousing, hazardous and standard waste management, Recycling waste management, food, pharmaceutical etc.

For further information please view our engineered solutions on products page or to make an enquiry visit our contacts page.

Success Stories

Kontrols & Industrial Weighing has been part of many success stories over the years. We are extremely proud of the projects we have undertaken, and our customers recognise the quality of our products, services and solutions.

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