Blending, Filling and Custom Checkweighing

  • Powders Blending/Filling

    Locally designed and built to suit customer requirements and specification.

    Data sheet filling-blending powders directly into bag according to recipe

  • Portion Control

    Feature example is for a cheese product. However we can apply these techniques in meat and other food manufacturing processes. Ensuring by weight and /or volume measurement the correct portions are manufactured for packaging.

    Data sheet Portion control and checkweighing for cheese

  • Liquids Batching/Blending

    Featured example is for when Kaiser Hosiery approached Kontrols & Industrial Weighing with a challenging project. They were having problems producing consistent colour results. Furthermore, when a batch was completed, no documentation was provided to state the amounts that were filled, making quality assurance impossible. Kontrols & Industrial Weighing came up with a solution using a PR1713 controller and a multi-component batching software to accurately produce consistent colouring and provide documentation of each batch. We can apply our batching expertise to any industry and application. We have done batching applications in the food, glass, plastics, paint, ink, explosives and other industries.

    Data sheet Automatic Dye house liquid chemical batching system -Pacific brands

  • Custom Checkweighing

    Featured check weighing system was designed for Australian defence industry specifically to replace their manual check-weighing while preserving the safety factors involved in handling ammunition/explosives.

    TO achieve the most accuracy KIW engineers split the in-feed track into 2 seaprate tracks. These 2 tracks each have a check-weighing platform and a rejection track. The PR1713 controller and the software keeps the production line running with high accuracy and maintaining a check-weighing speed at up to 40 cartridges / min in a Zone 1 Hazardous area.

    We can custom design to suit your application.

    Data sheet high speed bullet-cartridge check weighing