Check Weighers

  • EWK1000 Plus

    EWK 1000 Plus is a systematic, hygienic design with a polished stainless steel surface. The weigh belt can be changed within seconds effortless. This check weighing unit has a throughput rate of max 170 units/min for a weighing range from 0 – 3000g. The sorting device is air blast nozzle that pushes the content into a container.

    There is no going wrong with a high contrast, liquid crystal display. The ease of use is an advantage as well as the 100 product memory.

    Data sheet KIW-BRO-EWK1000_PLUS-e

  • EWK 2000 Plus

    Part of the premium range of check weighers is the EWK2000 Pluse-e. The weighing system is encased in a stainless case making it suitable in wet and dry environments. Due to the strong hygiene requirements this particular check weigher is very popular in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

    Data sheet KIW-BRO-EWK2000_PLUS-KIW-BRO-EWK2000_PLUS-e

  • EWK 3000

    This model of check-weigher ranges from standard to premium solutions. They exceed the tough and hygiene requirements complying to the IFS and HACCP.

    In built for you convenience is an accessible USBPrint port with closing cap guaranteeing splash proof sealing and a Built-on printer. This printer is 1965 protection.

    Data sheet KIW-BRO-EWK3000-e

  • Synus CoSynus

    This unit comes in 4 different weighing capacities for 1000g, 2000g, 5000g and 7000g. The max throughput rates range from 180 units/min to 300 units/min. An optional attachment are an air nozzle ejector or pneumatic pusher rejecting no good products. This check weigher is recommended for applications that require “a low zone of indecision”

    Data sheet KIW-BRO-SYNUS_CoSYNUS-e

  • WM series

    This compact unit is recommended for small and medium size enterprises for quality assurance purposes. This flexible unit can cater for individual needs and incorporating in existing production lines the maximum product weight is 120kg, max speed of adjustable belt is 60m/min.

    Some optional accessories include:

    • Enhanced protection enclosure to IP65, (standard IP54)
    • Stainless steel base frame
    • Stainless steel indicator
    • Remote indicator
    Data sheet KIW-BRO-WM-e