Hazardous Area Solutions

  • CISX3

    Combics intelligent indicator CISX3 is designed for hazardous areas that are exposed to explosive gas and dust mixtures in Zone 1 and 2. This unit is explosion protected with documentation to verify that it is intrinsically safe

    Data sheet Combics_ex_indicator_e

  • ILW Displacer-Transmitter

    Used to measure pressure, temperature, conductivity, dielectric, foam or steam applicable in hazardous areas. This is a simple durable measuring system.

    Also available are high temperature version and various material combinations.

    Data sheet KIW-Datasheet-ILW Displacer-Tr ansmitter

  • Mechanical Level Indicator: Type A1

    Simple, robust measuring system with a display that rotates 3600 for measuring fill level, volume, weight, density or interfacial layer. Applicable in hazardous areas.

    Data sheet KIW-A1-Datasheet

  • Hazardous area barriers/interfaces

    Intrinsically safe power supply enabling connection to a maximum of 8 load cells in hazardous areas. The load cell supply ranges from 7.5V to 12V.

    Approved for W & M applications

    Data sheet DS-PR1624_25_26-e

  • PR5610 (X5)

    Process and Batch controller, extremely powerful, fully programmable, All communication options, PLC functionality, Standard application softwares and configurations for batching, flow control, weighbridges. Ability to design custom applications to suit any process automation requirement. Integration with peripheral equipment. Dual weigh point capability. Full alphanumeric keyboard, quick function keys, very easy to configure and calibrate.

    Data sheet KIW-DS-X5_PRO-e