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Why is gas monitoring important?

Why is gas monitoring important?

The use of a gas monitoring system, with appropriate action taken if dangerous levels of gases are detected, can help to prevent an explosion or can help prevent worker injury or exposure to toxic gases. Action can be taken, and initiated automatically by the gas monitor, to help prevent the gas level from rising further. Here’s what you need to know.

Workers cannot rely on their sense of smell to keep them safe from a possible gas hazard. Gas is intentionally odourised so that the average person can perceive it at a concentration well below the explosive range. Odour is, therefore, not always totally reliable as an indicator of the presence or absence of gas leaks and there’s also the danger that by the time someone has sniffed gas, it’s too late. For this reason all gas leak reports should be investigated using a leak detection instrument.

That’s where gas instruments come in handy. Gas monitors need to be properly maintained and calibrated, doing so will help to ensure their accuracy in identifying worker exposure to harmful gases. Gas detectors are required by industry best practices and regulations and these devices are the only way that workplaces can identify gas leaks and potential threats within the workplace. Such devices are critical to safety as they can be used to detect explosive atmospheres, oxygen deficiency, and toxic gases that may have leaked into the air. Without gas detectors being used to detect threats, workers are exposed to potentially hazardous gases that can cause harm to their minds and bodies, or even result in their untimely death.

Given that there are so many different ways for harmful gases to leak into the air, gas detection is extremely important and should, in no way, be neglected.

CI Scientific will ensure that your fixed and portable gas monitors are in a perfect working order and always reading accurately, consistently and efficiently to make this world a much safer place.

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