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Gauges Calibration


KIW will help ensure that your gauges will provide you with accurate readings needed to meet standards for quality safety and compliance regulations and minimize errors and inaccuracies that may lead to costly errors. While gauges are made to last even on a very harsh environment, it will still experience wear and tear and accuracy degredation due to environmental conditions such as mechanical and electrical shocks, vibration, spikes corrosive& aggresive media and extreme temperatures. Calibration will restore the accuracy and and integrity if outout readings and provide proper

KIW offers full Calibration Services for all your measuring equipments for all brands and manufacturers. We have in-house experts that can help you determine optimal calibration cycles for your instruments. KIW also provides repairs, refitting, and rebuilding of damaged instruments before proceeding with the calibration. Get the best performance from your measuring instruments, entrust your calibration to a professional and certified Service provider like KIW. Book your calibrations online now!


In industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical and Food Processing/Manufacturing, best practice for Gauges calibration may happen more often in comparison with others to ensure the qulity of the product. Gauge calibration is needed if an equipment is exposed or subjected to a potentially damaging event, this includes unusual vibrations or shock or extreme differences/changes in environmental conditions. Gauge calibration is acceptable only if it’s done properly and accurately. It is very important to be sure that the calibration is performed by a certified service provider who will follow recommended standards.