Fabric Spraying & Continouous Production


nQuest Carpet Manufacturers was established in 1978 and specializes in the manufacture of high quality carpets. They approached KIW to enhance the quality of their product. They wanted batch production of the fabric protector. The engineers investigated all possible solutions and provided the customer with a cost effective, low maintenance and efficient management batching system The system designed by Engineers at KIW ensured that:
n· The system is fully automatic, which means it requires minimal supervision
n· The controller has been programmed to detect errors during the process and to notify the user using error messages displayed on the screen and lights.
nThe system also has options for generating reports to keep track of the progress of production and to maintain the quality standards
nThe system is User Friendly
nChanges can easily be made to the recipes (if required by customer) and the
nRecipes can be password protected as well (if required by customer)
nThere is room for expansion in the system

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