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To support your weighing and inspection system based maintenance requirements, Kontrols & Industrial Weighing has a fully 
trained team of dedicated service personnel.

We have multiple levels of services available to our customers:

    •Preventative maintenance: Given your equipment is performing its basic function our service personnel will come and 
    check and report whether your equipment is working to the specification it was manufactured to, and re-calibrate 
    equipment as required.

    •Corrective maintenance: As with preventative maintenance, however if equipment is faulty we will attempt to fix it 
    within the time allowed in the scheduled trip or a pre-agreed time frame.

    •Corrective maintenance with spare parts: We will hold all critical spare parts for your company, and as spares are used 
    they are replaced.

    •Custom: A specific contract designed to match with the custom engineered solutions we provide for our customers.
    Please call us to arrange for an obligation free quote.

We will come out and assess your equipment; you will be surprised with the comprehensive nature of our service and also the 
extremely cost effective pricing.